Photo a Day “Hair”

  I used to rebel against my hair.  Straight hair is what I wanted.  My mom even ironed it on an ironing board once. Craziness. When I look at pictures of me when… Continue reading

Photo a Day “Sunset”

  I took this from our balcony.  Not to shabby of a sunset.  God is one amazing artist. 

Photo a Day “Younger You”

I have photos of me when I was young but they are not on my computer.  Yes, I do have a scanner that would get it on the computer. No, I could not… Continue reading

Photo a Day 4-5-12 “Tiny”

That pink dot you see there is Lorelei crawling around at the park.   She seems pretty tiny to me.  It’s funny.  At times I marvel at how big she is and how… Continue reading

Photo a Day 4-4-123 “Someone who Makes you Happy”

So this was supposed to be a picture of Mike and Lorelei.  For some reason, I cannot find the photo.  Seriously, who looses the digital copy of a photo?  I do.  I was… Continue reading

Photo a Day 4-3-12 “Mail”

I rarely get mail and even more rare is fun mail.  The mail I usually get is credit card applications and who wants to see a photo of that?  Good thing this catalog… Continue reading

Photo a Day 4-2-12 “Color”

  Oh how I love color!  Vibrant and fresh, I had so many things I could have taken a photo of.  Originally I wanted to go to the fabric store.  When I think… Continue reading

Photo a Day #26 4-1-12 “Your Reflection”

  New month, new list. Just to get it out there, I have no clever April Fool’s joke just a picture of me in the mirror.   Generally, I really do not like… Continue reading

Photo a Day #25 3-31-12 “Where you Relax”

  This one was a no brainer. With consistency, I go to the bathtub to relax.   It really is a wonderful bothtub.  It’s deep and long enough to stretch out in.  I… Continue reading

Photo a Day #24 3-30-12 “Toy”

  With 3 kids we obviously have our fair share of toys around.  Lorelei loves books, Maddox loves boars games and Sadie, well it’s hard to say what her favorite toy is.  She… Continue reading